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About Us:
Bittersweet Dreams is a medium to heavy RP guild based on Thorium Brotherhood in World of Warcraft.  Our RP is centered on a tavern near Eastvale Logging Camp, and includes themes of Piracy, Trade, War and Comraderie.  We support PvE, and do both 5-man and 10-man content (progressive and old world).  If you are interested in applying, please contact the guild master, Ahmea, ingame.

Webmaster: Srilanni
Overheard in the Tavern...
You look like you plan to break up any fights in the common room by just falling on whoever's fighting.

- Shivan to a very exhausted Eirine
The sign at the edge of the path looks old and faded, but shows someone’s attempt to cheer it up with paint and flourish. Across the top in Common, the words “Bittersweet Dreams” are written. Looking beyond the sign, you see trimmed rose bushes lining a walkway laid with cobblestone. A hollowed-out tree trunk, sunk into the ground to create a massive archway, sits halfway up the path; to either side starts a fence.

You walk under the archway, tall enough to fit a tauren on a kodo. To the right you see a massive stables, filled with the noises of every mount imaginable.  Ahead, you see a rambling structure, hidden a bit by ivy, ancient trees, and a well-kept yard, including a deep well. Windows are thrown open to let in the fresh air, welcoming all who approach.  There is a make-shift hitching post and watering trough available, with a sign asking that all pets be left outside.

To the left, and a bit behind, lays a second structure, appearing newer - a guest house for a busy tavern.

Approaching the front door of the main building, you are greeted by a worn, well-traveled mat that proclaims "Welcome".

Come in… please enjoy the warmth and the hospitality.  The menu is lavish, and each day we add more choices for food and drink.  We have plenty of rooms available, costing a mere thirty silver for room and board.

The owner is Tyrannicus Vindictus (legally), but the commonly acknowledged owner is Srilanni Anu'eshala'na.  If you see her at all, she’ll be deeply engrossed within books and parchments, or dangling a pair of toddlers from her arms as she tends to tavern duties.  Tyleth stands behind the bar, dealing out drinks and advice; Eirine guards the door, ready to keep order.  From the kitchen, you can hear the chaos of the skittish Cyenwyr and the 'enthusiastic' Kytta.

Sit down, order, and feel free to listen to the stories of others, tell your own story, or just enjoy our company…
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